Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Sci-Fidelity Podcast #0062 "Airing Out Elysium"

Can Colors Kill? - The Eggplant Wizard

Bringing some real Bees to your Birds and Bees Activities.

Elysium: The good the bad and the tonally inconsistent.

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Check out the visual reference for episode 62!

Visual Reference for Episode #0062: "Airing Out Elysium"

3:00 - Remember the show Captain N the GameMaster?  Well, we do.  Join us for a (brief) walk down memory lane as we reminisce about the Eggplant Wizard.  (Patrick mistakenly linked the Eggplant Wizard to Mike Tyson's Punchout when he was actually a character in the Kid Icarus game.  King Hippo was from Punchout)

The Eggplant Wizard in action…

4:50 - Steve says that The Lord of the Rings didn't succeed in portraying Gandalf as a badass.  He obviously must have been peeing during this sequence

9:10 - We begin the somewhat Spoilerific discussion of Elysium.  Not familiar with Elysium?  Here's the trailer...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Sci-Fidelity Podcast #0061 "Taint on Your Dark Side”

Why Mars shouldn’t be ashamed of John Carter

Sad Cat sings the song of His People

The Lone Ranger’s Lone Fan

The right and wrong ways to kill someone with the Force

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Check out the visual reference for episode 61!

Visual Reference for Episode #0061: "Taint on Your Dark Side”

1:00 - Brian watched John Carter of Mars and liked it.  Steve didn't.  Who do you think is right?

5:15 - We hate on the Michael Bay Transformers movies... again.  Not surprised?  I guess it's good that you know the show so well.  Much to our surprise, the third movie wasn't all bad as we mention during this episode.  The universal test for good cinema is whether or not you get so engrossed that you just shut up and watch it which we did... in spots.  Don't believe us?  You can here it for yourself in our alternate audio of Transformers Dark of the Moon.

12:00 - Brian mentions the PETA sea kitten campaign.  He didn't make it up.  It's actually a thing

13:13 - Scientology comes up on the show, and once again, Patrick has a South Park episode that references it. All the South Park episodes are available on their website(
(Or you can click the image to go straight to the episode)

15:05 - After a little bit of cat talk, Brian recommends that you should watch the Sad Cat Diaries.  Highly recommended if you want to understand what your cat is thinking when it does what it does.

15:35 - Why did Brian watch John Carter?  Because he saw another movie that was critically panned (the Lone Ranger reboot), liked it, and wanted to see if popular opinion had robbed him of any other cinematic gold.  

17:18 - Thus begins the cartoon movie talk.  Movies mentioned:

Treasure Planet

Titan A.E.

And, of course, The Secret of Nimh (if you haven't seen it you should rectify that asap)

As well as the great works of one Mr. Don Bluth

22:40 - We get into a prolonged discussion about how certain uses of the force will push you to the Dark Side much like the way that a desire for certain force powers is what pushed Anakin to join the Dark Side in the first place.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Sci-Fiedlity Podcast #0060 "Spoilerific: Man of Steel"

We're jumping into the spoiler zone in this spoilerific episode of the Sci-Fidelity Podcast. The Man of Steel movie brings us Super nuggets while managing to dodge big cheesy bullets from the previous movies.

We talk about Lois Lane being a plot device and that Superman is a BAMF who levels Metropolis and ask if this is properly heroic.

General Zod is set to being "Azazeling" the populace and with no kryptonite loophole Superman decides to kill. Nolan says it was without his blessing and we have mixed feelings.

The sacrifice of Johnathan Kent shapes adolescent Clark. And we have some beef with the artistic/VFX choices to dismiss physics and make rocks float for no reason.

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Be sure to check out the visual reference for episode 60!

Visual Reference for Episode #0060

35:00 - In the discussion about whether or not Superman could move his fight with Zod out of downtown Metropolis we use the term "Azazeling".  What the fuck is that you ask?  Azazel is a very little known character from the X-Men comic books who made his appearance in X-Men First Class as, basically, red Nightcrawler  (You can hear our detailed thoughts on X-Men First Class in episode 4 starting at ~45 minutes in).

Why did we use Azazel as a verb?  Azazel came up with an innovative way to use his teleportational abilities in a horrifying way  (The section of note starts 19 seconds in)
Azazeling - The act of taking someone high into the sky and dropping them to their deaths

59:20 - Patrick references Cannonball when griping about the depiction of how Superman flies.  Who's Cannonball?  This guy

Details about Mr. Sam Guthrie can be found on his Wikipedia page

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Sci-Fidelity Podcast #0059 "Crap Customer Service"

PC Gaming and Porn
Portal and Pink Slips and Funny Smells
YouTube Animal Videos
Back back back back it up and Tier 1 Support
12 o'clock Flashers

Hosts: Michael, Patrick, Steve

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Don't miss the Visual Reference for episode 59!

Visual Reference for episode #0059

04:15 - We're talked about the Nvidia Physx chip in our discussion of video cards.  What the hell does a Physx chip do?  How does it make Borderlands 2 AWESOME?  Glad you asked...

06:30 - Michael tells us how his computer got fried playing Portal.  Not familiar with Portal?  It's a great game which comes highly recommended by the video gaming members of the Sci-Fidelity Podcast.  Take a gander

And... in retrospect we aren't exactly proud of it but we did talk about Portal Porn...  and some jackass promised that you could find some here.

So there.  Happy?

15:00 - Steve talks about his video card failure, here's a shot of it.

 It was fun.