Friday, August 24, 2012

The Sci-Fidelity Podcast #0030 Big in the 80s... except for Firefly

Is Player One ready for the Delorean Code?
Keeping abreast of Punky Brewster.
Ghostbusters: What’s the frequency!
Never bring a Droid to a Cartoon Throwback.
Stephen Baxter prefers REALLY classic Dr Who.
Firefly doesn’t need any sequels or time machines.

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Visual References:

Video introduction to the “Ready Player One” contest:

Robot Chicken tries to work out the continuity between Punky Brewster’s live action series and the cartoon:

Demonstration of the physics [or lack-thereof] of proton packs:

The intro to “Droids” [that IMHO nicely shows what a miss-fire it was]

Baxter’s Doctor Who novel:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Sci-Fidelity Podcast #0029 Consensual Consent

Thelma and Louise (hey, it’s Ridley Scott!)
When it comes to rebooting, Green Lantern is easy.
How important is it to get the creator’s approval when making movie adaptations?
Creator Approval and Disapproval of Judge Dredd, T(M)NT, Wrath of Kahn, Alien, and Watchmen

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In this episode we have these extras:

The films of Ridley Scott
Dredd article that inspired the consent discussion
Another excellent list of authors who hated their adaptation even if the adaptation is loved by movie fans

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