Monday, November 28, 2011

The Sci-Fidelity Podcast #0014 No Story Lines

Geeky Holiday and Christmas Gifts • Nerd Themed Gentlemen's Clubs • 2011 Video Game Season has started • Brian Hates Star Trek Voyager but We Like It • Do a Barrel Roll! • Star Wars Old Republic vs. The Star Wars Crap Games • World of Warcraft Can Get You Into the Diablo III Beta • The Role and Function of Story Line Elements in Modern Video Games • The Social Aspect of Online Games • Assassins Creed and Console Mechanics • Star Wars: The Clone Wars Adventures • Story in Fighting Games • Humor Adds to Ads • This Show Ends Twice! • Eddie Murphy Used to be Funny • Fat Comedians • Swords - and The Book of Swords Series • Honor Harrington Series by David Weber • The Wizard of Oz • The Geek Bar Drink List • White Hot States Evidence 

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