Firefox, HTML5 and MP3

We added the ability to play the show directly from the website using HTML5. Unfortunately Firefox does not support MP3 playback this way. Our show has always been published with MP3 encoding.  We selected MP3 because of how portable and accessible the format is.  HTML5 allows playback of the show without needing any additional players or plug-ins and it was selected for this reason. You can learn more about why Mozilla decided to not support MP3 audio or h.264 video here.

Update 28-March-2012 : Mozilla has announced that by version 13 they will enable native support for h.264 video.  We hope they will also reconsider their support for MP3 and bring the functionality users expected to their products.

We like and use Firefox.  Their controversial stance on these formats is being discussed furiously on the internet.

The Download Now! link in each podcast posting will still work as it always has.