Friday, September 5, 2014

The Sci-Fidelity Podcast #0083 "Thor Was Once a Frog"

Find out how a woman can get her hands on Thor's hammer [and name?]

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Visual Reference for Episode #0083 "Thor Was Once a Frog"

Announcement on The View

Katie Sanders Article: "Whoopi Goldberg flubs fact about female Thor"

In case you're wondering about the "horse faced alien" that people keep talking about, this is Beta Ray Bill (shown here wielding Stormbreaker, a hammer created by Odin for his use in protecting his people after he proved himself worthy to wield Mjolnir)

And this is Storm wielding Stormcaster (a hammer commissioned by Loki, forged without any of Odin's magic) which she eventually uses in a fight against Thor before she comes to her senses and destroys Stormcaster with Mjolnir (with Thor's help)