Monday, August 19, 2013

The Sci-Fidelity Podcast #0058 "SDCC Double D's"

In this episode we talk about The San Diego International Comic-Con 2013.
  • Everyone is at SDCC
  • Simpsons Did It
  • Batman (vs.) Superman
  • DC can't do Marvel style crossovers, or in an alternate universe they can?
  • Tony Stark - The man, the drunk, the Iron Man
  • Jarvis needs some tactical combat training.
  • Booth Babes - What?
  • You should check out the SDCC at least once

Don't miss the Visual Reference for episode 58!

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Visual Reference for Episode #0058

03:02 - Patrick mentions the Human Cent-ipad, a South Park episode where Steve Jobs sews people's mouths to other people's butts in order to make the next generation Ipad.  All the South Park episodes are available on their website(

(Or you can click the image to go straight to the episode)

08:50 - Patrick mentioned another South Park episode called "The Simpsons Already Did It"

10:00 - The gang talks about the upcoming Superman vs Batman movie.  Hopefully it's as good as the cartoon crossover from the 90's

34:10 - Matt Smith walked the floor at Comic-con.  Now I've never been so maybe there are a lot of normal people with camera crews trailing behind them, but it seems to me to be out of the ordinary

And since we mentioned we would make them available - San Diego Comic Con booth babes.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Sci-Fidelity Podcast #0057 "Wolverine Gets R.I.P.D."

We're getting really spoilery on R.I.P.D.  And yet, this isn't a spoilerific extra.

In this episode we're diving into our take on R.I.P.D.  Patrick and Steve have seen the movie, Michael has not and Brian... Brian is questing for Alaskan Bitches.

We talk about The Wolverine.  At the time of the recording the movie had not yet been released.

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