Saturday, September 14, 2013

Visual Reference for Episode #0060

35:00 - In the discussion about whether or not Superman could move his fight with Zod out of downtown Metropolis we use the term "Azazeling".  What the fuck is that you ask?  Azazel is a very little known character from the X-Men comic books who made his appearance in X-Men First Class as, basically, red Nightcrawler  (You can hear our detailed thoughts on X-Men First Class in episode 4 starting at ~45 minutes in).

Why did we use Azazel as a verb?  Azazel came up with an innovative way to use his teleportational abilities in a horrifying way  (The section of note starts 19 seconds in)
Azazeling - The act of taking someone high into the sky and dropping them to their deaths

59:20 - Patrick references Cannonball when griping about the depiction of how Superman flies.  Who's Cannonball?  This guy

Details about Mr. Sam Guthrie can be found on his Wikipedia page