Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Sci-Fiedlity Podcast #0060 "Spoilerific: Man of Steel"

We're jumping into the spoiler zone in this spoilerific episode of the Sci-Fidelity Podcast. The Man of Steel movie brings us Super nuggets while managing to dodge big cheesy bullets from the previous movies.

We talk about Lois Lane being a plot device and that Superman is a BAMF who levels Metropolis and ask if this is properly heroic.

General Zod is set to being "Azazeling" the populace and with no kryptonite loophole Superman decides to kill. Nolan says it was without his blessing and we have mixed feelings.

The sacrifice of Johnathan Kent shapes adolescent Clark. And we have some beef with the artistic/VFX choices to dismiss physics and make rocks float for no reason.

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Be sure to check out the visual reference for episode 60!