Saturday, September 21, 2013

Visual Reference for Episode #0061: "Taint on Your Dark Side”

1:00 - Brian watched John Carter of Mars and liked it.  Steve didn't.  Who do you think is right?

5:15 - We hate on the Michael Bay Transformers movies... again.  Not surprised?  I guess it's good that you know the show so well.  Much to our surprise, the third movie wasn't all bad as we mention during this episode.  The universal test for good cinema is whether or not you get so engrossed that you just shut up and watch it which we did... in spots.  Don't believe us?  You can here it for yourself in our alternate audio of Transformers Dark of the Moon.

12:00 - Brian mentions the PETA sea kitten campaign.  He didn't make it up.  It's actually a thing

13:13 - Scientology comes up on the show, and once again, Patrick has a South Park episode that references it. All the South Park episodes are available on their website(
(Or you can click the image to go straight to the episode)

15:05 - After a little bit of cat talk, Brian recommends that you should watch the Sad Cat Diaries.  Highly recommended if you want to understand what your cat is thinking when it does what it does.

15:35 - Why did Brian watch John Carter?  Because he saw another movie that was critically panned (the Lone Ranger reboot), liked it, and wanted to see if popular opinion had robbed him of any other cinematic gold.  

17:18 - Thus begins the cartoon movie talk.  Movies mentioned:

Treasure Planet

Titan A.E.

And, of course, The Secret of Nimh (if you haven't seen it you should rectify that asap)

As well as the great works of one Mr. Don Bluth

22:40 - We get into a prolonged discussion about how certain uses of the force will push you to the Dark Side much like the way that a desire for certain force powers is what pushed Anakin to join the Dark Side in the first place.