Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Visual Reference for Episode #43: "What the King Plays"

This episode was about games, but maybe you aren't familiar with games and don't know the difference between a first person shooter or a role playing game from a hole in your head.  Here comes the Visual Reference Guide to the rescue with some gameplay footage so you know what we're talking about (and hopefully why someone would want to play these games)

Metro: Last Light (05:50)

Crysis 3 (08:33)

We took a break from talking about our anticipated games (around 09:15) to talk about DRM (Digital Rights Management) in general and EA's (Electronic Arts) Online DRM solution Origin in particular and I found a video talking about some of the controversy - don't worry this one's short :)

Takedown (19:45)

Company of Heroes 2 (22:55 )

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm (28:10)

End of Nations (36:25)

The Last of Us (42:35)

Dmc: Devil May Cry (45:45)

Dr Who RPG: The Time Traveller’s Companion (47:22)