Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just to help you out

Have you ever heard us make a reference to some obscure TV show, movie, or game and wondered "What the hell are those idiots babbling on about?"  Well, we're going to try to make following along with the show a little easier by introducing the Podcast visual reference.  We won't post reference links to everything we talk about (especially things you should already be aware of if you're nerdy enough to be listening in the first place), but we will try to find links for some of the weirder things we discuss.

Episode 22 Visual Reference

07:37 - The irradiated ant movie Patrick forced himself to watch is called "Glass Trap" with C. Thomas Howell
11:24 - Steve talks about Ghostbusters which leads to a discussion about the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon
16:00 - Michael mentions how Marvel is trying to bring characters from the movies into the mainstream comics which resulted in this retcon Nick Fury (Jr.) - You know, the black one

19:30 - Steve brings up the Thundercats reboot
23:39 - The He-Man discussion leads Patrick to bring up another fine robot chicken sketch
24:20 - Patrick brings up his inability to mix sex and zombies while watching High School of the Dead (looking at the preceeding statement, that doesn't sound like a "problem" at all)
Just in case the intro doesn't illustrate the absurdity of the level of undress in the episode in question, this is the image the hero sees when he pulls his head out of the fridge (27:30)