Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Episode 156: Jarhead Effect

Steve is excited for Diablo 4 along with some insights about previous versions.
Brian is playing Mass Effect and says it's a space opera, with mods, of course.  The flavor text is blowing his mind.  We break down the combat model for Steve who can only process it in terms of Rainbow 6.
Brian is flummoxed by having to aim his weapons, but likes the deep story.
Steve vents some rage about 3rd person shooters, in general.
We talk about the indicators of sex in PG games.
The Mouse™ does NOT fuck around.
We learn that Brian is a completionist.
Brian rationalized a more goal oriented Sith Lord.
Can Stargate be an MMORPG?
Starburst is my solution to all problems!
Would you rather lead a TV series or a movie?
Jason Clarke and the best worst would you rather.

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